– An easy onboarding process with a professional team that will help you through all the steps to grow your business!

– Marketing and remarketing! (SMM, SEA, Push notification campaigns, Event campaigns, Newsletter campaigns.

– Automated marketing in so many marketing channels that will boost your business to the skies!

– Fully Integrated state of the art designs ready for all channels with no additional costs!

– A fully automated Marketing Intelligence that is easy to use.

SKYFY benefits

– Commission-based marketing: Only a small percentage of commission and ONLY if you generate extra sales by using SKYFY.

– Sales increases of up to 30% achievable, when using all marketing channels.

– Increase trust, customer loyalty and brand awareness.

– No fixed monthly fees like subscriptions or similar! Completely free to use, ZERO extra costs!

– A FULLY automated Marketing Intelligence System!

– A Detailed monthly report analysis of how each campaign was performing.

SKYFY business model

You do not have to pay thousands to marketing agencies to market your online shop anymore.

With SKYFY it is just a very simple business model, no monthly fixed fees, you only pay when you get results and just a small percent of what SKYFY generate as extra sales for you.

So you will not pay anything at all if you do not get results!

SKYFY with its marketing intelligence model will market your online shop on so many channels like Google, Facebook, Instagram, emails, push notifications, Search campaigns and so much more!

In time It will optimize itself to get you better results and learn how to maximize your marketing channels to get you the highest sales possible.


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