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Skyfy GmbH

company of Smart Data Solutions

Skyfy GmbH is a daughter company of Smart Data Solutions GmbH, both based in Germany, and consists of a great team of developers and marketers of various nationalities, all extremely professional at its subject area, who are located all over the world and together represent Team-Skyfy. The company is led by Ayhan BULUT, a professional in data management with more than 15 years of experience, still working with well-known companies in Germany.

Many options and strategies for digital marketing are available, but at the same time this can be extremely confusing and misleading.

This is exactly where your new success partner Team-Skyfy comes in: competent and comprehensive advice on all aspects of “Digital Marketing” will help you find your way through this jungle, so that you can concentrate on the essentials, namely your business INNOVATIONS!

We are here to provide your business with intelligent insights that help them make the right decisions and consistently outperform their competitors.



Our mission is to provide sophisticated, effective, affordable, customized, and profit-enhancing IT and marketing solutions.

We aim to contribute to our customers’ growth strategy by seamlessly integrating with their processes. To achieve this, Team-Skyfy provides the right platform, the required human power and an in-house developed brand new top-of-the line AI: SKYFY – Automated Marketing Intelligence.


We believe that anyone operating in the digital online world and trying to be successful should get efficient and affordable solutions offered by highly professional and experienced partners. Our vision is to provide these services in the best way and become the value-added partner for digital marketing and transformation as well as for all IT tasks.

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